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Paradise in the Pieces

A series about combining 3 pieces of furniture, all from different transitions in life, to create a cohesive set, in preparation for the next transition of life. Each piece was altered to match aesthetically while maintaining functionality. For the mirror and dresser, the design was carved out with a rotary tool first, before being painted over to create a haptic experience - between feeling the grooves of the carving and the built-up texture of the paint. Added haptic sensations are brought out by the brushed-out cotton cord and wrapped leather cord. The soft clay-based paint of the dresser provides a velvety feel, contrasting the silky feel of the black enamel paint on the mirror.

Dresser (Front)
Dresser (Right Corner)
Dresser (Left Corner)
Dresser (Front paint detail)
Dresser (Drawer Detail)
Dresser (Right Side Detail)
Dresser (Right Side Paint Detail)
Dresser (Right Side)
Chair (Back)
Chair (Back Detail)
Chair (Front)
Chair (Base Detail)
Mirror (Front)
Mirror (Front Design Detail)
Mirror (Front Paint Detail)
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