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Antoni Gaudi Calendar

A series inspired by the works of architect Antoni Gaudi. Each picture was manipulated in various ways using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, to evoke the whimsical essence in Gaudi’s architecture. The series comes together to create a 12-month wall-hung calendar. Between each month, there is a self-reflection page, each displaying a different building and highlighting the colorful qualities the building is iconic for.

Antoni Gaudi Calendar Cover
Antoni Gaudi Calendar Right Side
Antoni Gaudi Calendar Right Side Detail
Cover Page
January Page
Casa Vicens
January Reflection Page
February Page
February Reflection Page
March Page
Park Guell
March Reflection Page
April Page
Park Guell Site Plan
April Reflection Page
May Page
Various Gaudi Towers
May Reflection Page
June Page
Bellesguard Tower
June Reflection Page
July Page
Casa Batllo
July Reflection Page
August Page
August Reflection Page
September Page
Gaudi House Museum
September Reflection Page
October Page
Gaudi Portrait
October Reflection Page
November Page
November Reflection Page
December Page
December Reflection Page
Digital Work: Portfolio
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